Welcome, Here are some of my written samples for your reference. My life practically revolves around writing, sometimes for myself and often for others. In all these years, I have realised that the only foolproof method of writing well is by reading good. I also take an active interest in designing and painting(on traditional canvas to graphic designing online), storyboarding and making videos. During the Covid-19 lockdown, I'm learning how to do video edits. Best regards, SJ

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Fashion Industry: Smart Fashion With Smart Business Strategies

Creative marketing strategies for your fashion industry brand start with your target audience in mind. Depending on the audience you are working to reach with your marketing strategy, your marketing channels and the message may vary. The most effective marketing strategies combine traditional marketing tactics with creative platforms to reach your audience. Today, the fashion industry has almost unlimited resources at its disposal. Information and photographs that appear on the Internet instanta

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Shoot the Film Industry with these Edgy Marketing and Promotional layouts

The movie industry consists of various establishments whose major engagements are the marketing and circulation of audiovisual pieces to TV networks and movie theaters. In addition, the movie industry can market these works to stores. The film industry is made up of the commercial and technological filmmaking companies. These film industry companies may include production, screenwriting, film studios, and cinematography, among other endeavors. The biggest motion picture studios are typically a p

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Get Your Chocolates On The Fleek With These Topnotch Marketing Moves

We’ve got and we will have a global shortage of chocolates due to the difficulty of encouraging cocoa farming on a global scale. West Africa, the largest producer of the crop is having serious weather problems. The price of cocoa, one of the main ingredients in chocolate, is at a historic high! Cocoa is the main ingredient in chocolate and cocoa bean production largely determines pricing, trade balance, and future contracts. BMI Research forecasts that prices will trend lower until 2019 as produ

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Language Development In Children: Stages From 1 to 8 years

• How to spot language issues in your child? • How to help your child: tips and activities for language development? • Does Speaking Two Languages Increase The Risk Of Speech And Language Disorders? From the adorable gurgles and the coos to the goo-goo-ga-gas and ‘dada’ and ‘mama’, your baby will learn and use new words as she grows. Language development in children is a fascinating transition that you, as a parent, will enjoy. It is also an aspect that you may have several questions about, f

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Moral Development In Children: What Are Its Stages And What You Should Do

James brought a new pen from school and showed it to his mother. He told her that he found it under his chair in the classroom. His mother knew that wasn’t the right thing to do. She told him to give the pen to the teacher the next day so that she can, in turn, hand it over to its owner. James wasn’t happy, but when his mother explained why returning the pen was the right thing to do, he was convinced. Morals are something which parents and teachers should teach children. Kids should be taught

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A Pie In The Sky

Our chance meeting, Just the thin end of the wedge. I give you my heart, You give me love. I step away from you, You take love back. Do you think I am the storm in a teacup? I am merely the crockery. We are sweethearts Veiled in a gordian knot. Not tying the knot For life, or a little while. You give me a flower, It dies. I wear it still in my hair. I break your heart You rip me apart. Neither a needle nor a thread, We do not sew anyway. Gripping pieces of each other, Not

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Root for Love

Society has a ‘name’ and an allotted treatment for those who cannot give birth ―“barren/infertile”. And such names have mostly targeted women. Language is extremely political as words are the tools with which we propagate ideas, and no ideology is ever innocent. Such people become expendable, no matter how much love they carry in their heart. Motherhood and parenting cannot be restricted to biology as the more important task of ‘birth’ and or journey of an individual commence after their b

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The Art of Ruins And All That Remains

It’s just a matter of a few months and I’ll turn 26. Horrid, painful, and amazingly beautiful things have happened over the years. I have given and received love from many; been kind to many and received much more than I ever imagined. Sacrifices? I did many. Without any intent. What has to happen will happen anyway. There were friends, I thought, would be there forever. Now I ponder, what is forever? How long makes forever, forever? Things end when they end. With each thing happening, good